Private Funds


We understand that each individual has different needs, especially so in investment aspect. Having experienced professionals manage investment portfolio will increase your chance of hitting your investment target.

Successful investment begins with proper asset allocation. Realizing this importance and the different needs among each individual, TMBAMeastspring offers private fund service to our customers with the minimum investment from just 10 million Baht.

Why Private Fund?

There are plenty of investment opportunities today, which allow investors to diversify their investments across different securities. They can be short-term or long-term debt instruments, growth stocks and high dividend stocks, as well as alternative investments such as gold, oil, and properties lease rights. Although it presents a wide variety of choices to investors, the big question is how to create a portfolio that can generate returns high enough to justify the risk level it encounters.

TMBAMeastspring private fund lends a hand for asset allocation. We will identify the investors’ goals, acceptable risk level, and other restrictions before setting up investment policies that can realistically yield successful results and present them to our investors. Moreover, our private funds are highly flexible – the fund manager, when opportunities present, can find out securities that offer highly attractive risk/ reward ratio. This may not be the case for typical mutual funds as there are far more related regulations.

Service Features

  • Asset Allocation. You investment portfolio will be designed by our experts to structurally diversify risks and invest in different types of assets such as stocks, debt instruments, and gold.
  • Direct investment in Thai bonds market. TMBAMeastspring is well-known for its expertise in fixed income area. And you can benefit from our highly experienced and reputable experts to manage your portfolio of debt instruments with confidence.
  • Overseas Bond Investment. Should you wish to diversify risks and hold other assets in different currencies other than Thai Baht, private fund is the right choice for you. It allows you to access to international bond markets. Your choice of bonds will go through our microscope that consider all important factors from issuers credit rating, industry outlook to global economy.
  • Ease of Performance Tracking. As one of the highlights of private funds, TMBAMeastspring will send a monthly fund performance report to our investors.
  • Information and Asset Security. A private fund, by law, requires custody services provided by a commercial bank holding a custody license. Therefore, you can rest assured that your investment funds and information are well taken care of.

If there are additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service Center at 1725